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Data Center Services

Data Center

World class IBM CO-BUILD DATACENTER. The data center built by IBM with advance technology with Tier-2+ specifications and provide a highly secure physical infrastructure, including the latest in biometric authentication, video surveillance, and round-the-clock security officers, data centers are made to eliminate any single point of failure with multiple layers of redundancy in power systems, NOVAC, fire detection and suppression. All systems are monitored 24/7 through a control center.

We have multiple STM4 ring last miles to the Internet from our Data Centers, and this includes multiple redundant last miles from multiple providers.

Carrier neutrality provides flexibility to work with multiple carriers providing better geographical spread for connecting customer location to the Micronova Network Data Center.

Our datacenter is served by from two different power generating sources. Apart from the redundant power sources with DG backup. At distribution level Dual UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems and a Dual Bus power architecture up to rack level.

Data Center Services (IDC)

  • Hosting Services
  • All types of high/mid/lower range of Network/Servers can be provided on Capex/Opex model at both in house and at the customer site
  • Public/Private Cloud
  • Dedicated Rack and Caged Space for the Racks with secure access
  • Scale Up/Down architecture for Rack/Power/Network/Servers
  • We can provide L1/L2/L3 for the infrastructure
  • Seating space for the Customer Engineer in case if customer want to maintain the infrastructure by themselves
  • SLA commitment for the IT infrastructure
  • Email/Web hosting Services
  • Bandwidth provisioning based on the need
  • Virtualization of Servers
  • DR facility setup
  • 24/7 support staff availability
  • Video surveillance/CCTV/IP camera, structured cabling, GPS/GIS, biometric, attendance system, visitor management

Managed GPS

Formed by a group of enthusiastic technology experts, SuVeechinova is self-mandated to deliver cutting-edge tracking solutions to ease complex issues in the areas of identification, discovery, administration and security of logistics management in any industry.

SuVeechinova is investing in extensive R&D lab to research into areas concerning GPS, GSM/GPRS, RFID and Bio-Metric technologies which are the to-go technologies to achieve business excellence for the customers and to deliver them with faster ROIs and reduced TCOs.

SuVeechinova has developed enviable expertise by investing into research, innovation, acquisitions, partnerships and training, in the complete range of tracking technologies including GPS, GPRS, RFID-Active,RFID-Passive, RFID-UHF, RFID-HF, Bio-Metric completing the spectrum of tracking technologies.

Based on the range offered by the technology, SuVeechinova uses the suitable data communication medium to it's solution.

Managed Remote Infra Structure Management Services

M-RIM is a service which includes remotely managing infrastructure such as workstations (desktops, laptops, notebooks, etc.), servers, network devices, storage devices, IT security devices, etc. of a company both onsite and offsite.

Micronova engages sophisticated Network and Application Monitoring tools to monitor and manage all the network elements and applications remotely from its 24/7 highly advanced Network Operations Center.


  • Service desk / Help desk
  • Proactive Monitoring of Server and Network Devices
  • Workstation Management and Space Optimisation
  • Server Management
  • Storage Management
  • Application Support
  • IT Security Management
  • Data Backup
  • Antivirus & Software Update
  • Wi-Fi Management
  • Network Management
  • LAN Support
  • WAN Monitoring