Micronova - Infrastructure | Connectivity | Program Management

Quality Advantage


We have high-end infrastructure operating with back bone core routers and switches. We link to Internet by different route via East coast and West coast of India. We have very efficient and high-end power backup system in place.



Last mile connectivity can be provided by Fiber and Wireless media. Committed SLA is achievable due to ring architecture in the fiber optic media and being a vendor diagnostic different levels of multiple redundancy can be provided. This will ensure any time Internet connectivity to dedicated leased line customers.


  • Level 3 connectivity
  • Best infrastructure connecting most US exchanges
  • Expansion flexibility
  • Consistent performance and Redundancy

Program Management

We have a dedicated project implementation team which co-ordinate with vendors, Telco and internal departments and complete the commissioning of the circuit as per the schedule. Micronova Network Solutions Pvt Ltd will put all required efforts make link installed and operational, however any delays due to government agencies cannot be avoided. After installation, end to end testing is done and the circuit is handed over to the customer support department for the post implementation support.



Tie-up with leading network providers, Micronova Network Services would leverage the basic services network, Long distance OFC and Sub-marine cable landing stations at Chennai and Mumbai. We have implemented multiple links across various Networks and Telco’s.


  • Higher usable Bandwidth
  • Dynamic routing
  • International Surfing Quality
  • Faster downloads
  • Service level Agreements