Micronova - Port Availability | Service Outage

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Features

Port Availability

Micronova Network guarantees that the link between Internet Port at the Router at the MNS network operating center and the internet backbone will be available for 99.5% of the time when measured on an average annual basis.

Service Outage

Service Outage incident shall mean: An interruption of service lasting at least (15) fifteen continuous minutes and an interruption of service due to a failure in link other than the local loop between the subscriber’s premises and the Micronova Network operating center where the subscriber’s circuit is terminated.

Throughput Guarantee/CIR

We commit guaranteed throughput which is equivalent to the contracted port till our teleport (i.e. till tier I US backbone) and it shall be our right to route the traffic on the best possible route at any point of time on our Gateways .The throughput Guarantee committed ensures that you get the bandwidth on a continuous CIR basis. We can use any of the paths as explained on our backbone to ensure availability of committed CIR. IR Guarantee.

Throughput Guarantee

Micronova Network guarantees 99.5% maximum throughput of contracted committed bandwidth for the port contracted under this Agreement .The average throughput will not be less than 99% of the maximum throughput