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Cloud-Based ERP Solutions for Your Business Growth

Cloud Based ERP Solutions for your business growth

On-premise ERP solutions usually require huge capital investment to purchase and manage the software, licenses, and hardware. Its management and operations will consume a lot of your IT team’s time and resources. This means the increased cost of hiring and training your IT staff.

With cloud-based ERP software offers cost-effective and flexible solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and offers numerous benefits for its growth and expansion.

It will reduce your company’s IT costs and save time on hardware installation and software maintenance.

In addition, cloud computing technology is the reason for Cloud-based ERP to deliver software as a service (SaaS) model for its costumers. With this, customers can easily opt for cloud ERP with no need to manage hardware, software, and upgrades while reducing up-front expenses.

You can have it up and running in timeless than most on-premise ERP installations. Its functionalities are similar to on-premise solutions.

It is managed from a central data store that guarantees users real-time data and dashboard access.

With any VPN or remote access software, it is easily possible to access information on any device on any platform. This can be beneficial to those who have multiple branches or locations.

Cloud-based ERP can be customized depending on the level and complexity of your business processes.

Unlike most ERP software, it is flexible and also allows deployment options for businesses according to their specific needs. ERP platforms are getting investments from most of the industries, large banks, and government agencies. It also has an advantage when compared with the speed of deployment and planning to other ERP deployments.

Some Key benefits of Cloud-based ERP are:

It requires no additional hardware, less time to procure, and install IT infrastructure. One can easily roll it out across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions, eliminating the cost associated with those rollouts.

Easier to scale, gives you the flexibility to add more users as your business grows

How employees will benefit from Cloud ERP?

1. They can be more efficient with their work.

when the processes are automated, workflows are streamlined and are provided with helpful analytics with AI-assistance, employees will be able to spend a minimal time of the regular tasks, this can help focus their time on value-added pursuits. A fully serviced cloud ERP can eliminate employees from annoying tasks such as manual entry of duplicate data, sorting multiple emails, finding invoices to submit the costs, and many other activities. With ERP in place, employees can work not only faster but also more efficiently and productively.

2. They’ll have less to worry about.

We all know how frustrating it is to use old and outdated ERP systems. Entering data manually, going through emails, finding data on spreadsheets, and other complex workarounds can weary employees. Having modern and integrated cloud-based ERP makes it more convenient for employees and increases their effectiveness with the appropriate tools.

3. Everyone will be informed.

When employees are well aware of the information and ways to access it, they can be much effective and can lend some quality ideas at times of decision making. This will keep them motivated and satisfied with their jobs. Cloud ERP solutions allow access to the employees into the information that they need. It empowers the team by providing them with dashboards that are customized and personalized. With such features in hand, employees can finish their tasks at the earliest and also can track their progress in alignment with their professional and personal goals.

4. Effective allocation of resources will happen.

with a comprehensive ERP solution, it is much easier to monitor and schedule the allocation of resources. Not just that, everyone will be ensured that they have the necessary tools to get the job done. For instance, a field technician can be provided with the parts, training, and sufficient information to improve the fix rate and boost customer satisfaction.

5. 24×7 Remote Access

With access being provided 24×7, it is easier for technicians, salespersons or employees to access data in a format that is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from remote locations. Cloud ERP assists teams to align themselves with the pace of today’s business by ensuring them with user-friendly access.

6. They will acknowledge the company’s diligence towards future growth

Cloud-based ERP solutions have a feature that can automate regular application updates. Employees will be given access to tools and technologies that are brand new. By investing in cloud technology your business will have adopted a competitive edge with that of the competitors helping your business to thrive in the days to come.

With Micronova’s ERP Solution, your company will certainly benefit from the below attributes:

  • Provides End-to-End Scalable ERP
  • Quick Deployment and Implementation
  • Industry-Specific Modules and features available.
  • Affordable ERP solutions.
  • Better Business Intelligence provides the ability to focus on your core competencies.
  • Strong Data Security
  • Flexible and Completely Customizable ERP

Every business today is unique in its own way. One must take time to consider the different ERP deployment options that can best suit their company. To learn more about deploying a cloud-based ERP solution, visit our website or mail us at 

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