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Managed Service Providers are usually third-party companies taking responsibility to manage and control and co-ordinate networks for business so that these businesses can focus on their core activities and be worry-free about any disturbances. Many businesses these days consider MSP as a strategic model for amplifying their business-related operations. MSPs can help handle the network of computers that are being used by a business.

Micronova is an IT service company specialized in offering managed services to businesses and organizations. We undertake responsibility for hosting and managing servers and networks of our clients. We do this by taking control of the physical back-end infrastructure of a company and offer resources to clients so that their time is saved and can be used to focus on their core business activities.

Our activities are carried on-site and remote over the internet helping clients to minimize their operational cost. The services offered by us are based on the demand put forth by the client and billing is made for only those services.

It is critical in the present world for any company to create drastic differentiation in their business to place themselves apart from the competition. With an IT partner like Micronova, you can get assistance in handling the day-to-day management activities of your IT infrastructure to achieve the difference. When properly executed, it helps the top management to focus on areas of growth for the company. Micronova is equipped with technology solutions that will meet your business needs and are uniquely poised as the perfect partner for your IT operations and needs.

We offer your organization with the expertise and essential support for top-line solutions. Partnering up with Micronova means that you are accessing our comprehensive geographic coverage, your risks are minimized, your focus directed towards your core business, access our flexible coverage plans, and the enhanced skill base we possess.

That’s not all! We provide the latest technology to help your business adjust and excel even in dynamic business environments and drastically contribute to the reduction of operational costs.


Advantages of using Micronova as an MSP for your business:

By utilizing Micronova’s expertise client would be able to identify and resolve unexpected issues before its too late, get instant notifications to the team as soon as the problem is detected- some of them are automatically solved, and incorporate the best IT infrastructure, Operations, and Application processes. Below is the list of the major benefits that you can avail by choosing us.

24x7 Network Monitoring Support: With the sophisticated network monitoring tools, we offer guaranteed round-the-clock monitoring of the network

Enhanced Security: We have the experience and expertise required for deploying proper backup and disaster recovery plans. That is how we are a better option for your IT security.

Comprehensive Reporting: We offer a complete view of the organization’s infrastructure allowing you to track everything that happens within the company.

Cost-effective: Repair services that are unplanned can be a huge burden for the company. By using our services, you will be able to control such costs. All you have to do is pay for the fixed monthly costs that will cover all the monthly expenditures for services and repairs of all kinds on a contractual basis.

Remote Infrastructure Management:

Partnering with Micronova, a leading IT managed services provider for your IT and digital transformation journey can help your business boost infrastructure to meet your business goals.

We provide both Remote and On-Premise Infrastructure Management Services.

Remote infrastructure management deals with the control of IT tools that are not physically located inside your company. It involves a lot of processes within the cloud from cloud-hosted infrastructure to full disaster recovery.

Quality infrastructure assistance for servers, firewalls, desktops, and backup devices.

Monitoring and System Maintenance of your infrastructure.

Aggressive SLA Support.

This is possible with the help of an IT infrastructure management and service platform that gives a consolidated end-to-end view of your infrastructure and applications. With its dashboard, one will be able to monitor servers, applications, network infrastructure, and other components to optimize IT performance and to minimize costs. Proven automation tools help standardize operations, eliminate manual processes that are time-consuming, improving accuracy and precision.

We provide 24×7 monitoring to ensure high availability and provide users a single dashboard by managing devices and platforms across the network, infrastructure, and cloud.

Our IT Managed Services that provide 24x7 Network Monitoring and Management

With Managed Services, you will have monitoring and network management 24×7 in various aspects of IT such as Network, Server and Storage, Security, IT Service Management, and End Computing.


Micronova offers a wide range of network managed services depending upon the needs of companies. Under network management, we offer LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), Voice, and Data Center managed services.

LAN ( Local Area Network)

Local Area Networks are designed for short distances especially within the office buildings, office, or university. LANs provide good bandwidth for short connection distances.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

Wide Area Networks are designed to connect customers, businesses, and other geographically distant locations.

Micronova manages networking components which include firewalls, routers, switches, wireless access points. We provide manpower to manage these components on-premise and also provide an option for managing it remotely from our NOC.

Server and Storage

Every business that is growing exponentially needs scalable data storage solutions to store huge volumes of data. Micronova offers storage and backup of business-critical data in our enterprise-class data centers by providing efficient, scalable, and easily manageable solutions.

We have an approach design to maintain and manage your server and storage facilities. Micronova proactively undertakes the operational management of your companies storage area network and the network attached to storage infrastructures to ensure the availability of information and data performance at all times.

We undertake the maintenance of Data Center Servers such as physical servers, OS (operational system), Data Center Infrastructure Management. We also manage servers and provide 24/7 effective server management.

Once the data is stored in our system, you’ll have complete control of it. Our web-based management portal consists of powerful tools for analytics and reporting that can be


Every business today are dependent on their IT systems and require 24×7 support services. At Micronovoa, we protect all your devices and operating systems to protect it from the breach and other cyber attacks.

Our security analyst undertakes the responsibility to monitor, manage, and report your endpoint protection 24×7. We have the required technology to identify, manage, and respond to security alerts.

Our Managed Firewall Services ensure businesses to enhance network security. We use the latest cyber security tools to simplify complex network processes that will benefit your company.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Nowadays, many companies work 24×7 and the same applies to their networks. With Micronova, help is readily available, at times of need including weekends and holidays. We are prepared to support you at all times. Our NoC engineers are available to proactively to address your issues.

Our NoC engineers use the monitoring tool to constantly monitor all the network links and bandwidth connection. In case of any downtime, a ticket is raised in our ticketing tool and our customers are notified immediately. The customer is then informed of the resolution plan and the turnaround time is communicated.

Micronova offers IT Service Management to deliver end-to-end IT services to our customers. It involves all the processes and activities including designing, creating, delivering, and supporting IT Services.

End-Point Computing

Every successful business depends heavily on endpoint IT management. Micronova helps in minimizing your internal IT efforts and allows your organization to focus and advance your business. We provide comprehensive IT support services for your business PC endpoints so that your internal team can be worry-free.

Our approach includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware scans, software patch management, End-user desktop remote access, Thin clients, Virtual Desktops, and Mobility/ BYOD.


What is a managed service?

Managed Services means the process of outsourcing your company’s responsibility to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as Micronova to handle the required IT process and function. These services improve business operations and reduce costs for the company.

Why do you need to manage IT services?

Opting for a Managed IT Service provider like Micronova can help you reduce your operational costs, improve business performance and efficiency. A lot of time is saved allowing you peace of mind and to focus on what you’re good at – running your core business.

What are the key concepts underlying IT Services Management?

The key concepts underlying IT Services Management are as below:
● To deliver the maximum value to customers without requiring them to own unpredicted costs & risks
● Deliver the maximum service value to customers.
● Optimize the use of ‘resources’ & ‘capabilities’
● All the processes should be planned for specific objectives.
● Roles should be defined clearly for the task-oriented collective efforts.

What are ITSM best practices?

The best practices under ITSM include:
● Incident management.
● Change management.
● Problem management.
● Service-level management.
● Continuity management.